It’s all about “control”…

“Freedom is NO direction” – Ric Ocasek (The Cars)

It does not matter who you are or how old you are. It does not matter if you are wise or completely ignorant. Someone, somewhere, is trying to control you.

Before you are born, your parents are making decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life. Sure, they might be working in what they think is your best interest, but they can’t have any absolute confidence of what *that* really is.

As soon as you are born, there is a hospital representative giving your parents forms to fill out, Decisions, decisions. Should we circumcise the young male? Should we dress our new daughter in pink? What preschool is the best? A new parent is inundated with decisions, most of which they have no qualifications to make.

In school, the teachers tell you what you need to learn, how you need to act, and where you might be heading in life. “Career Day” can either be the best day of your life or the most debilitating. They are trying to mold you into a good worker, someone who will continue the status quo in the world they already accept as”normal”.

The alarm clock rings, alerting you that it’s time to get up and start your daily routine. It does not care if you got enough sleep or not, it simply rings and rings until your sleepy body answers its beck and call. A comedian once said “The alarm clock is the only invention that your natural reaction to it is “FUCK!!”. This point is funny only because it’s true.

The new job brings you under the arm of a new supervisor, and of course his supervisor. Everyone critiquing your every move. The employee handbook is more than 100 pages in length but it’s there to make your job “easier”. The proper dress code on Friday? – we have an entire section for that! Make a wrong decision and your career could end even quicker than it started.

The yearning for “prosperity” brings all the trappings that commerce can provide. If those purchases are financed, then you have another world of rules that they provide to you. Miss a payment, and not only will they re-po your purchase, but they will ruin your credit and possibly take you to court. Each step invokes a greater level of control over you.

Your cell phone rings and you instinctively rush to answer it, finding only some tele-marketer trying to entice you into buying something you don’t need. But you feel naked if you forget where you put it down for a few minutes.

Social networking keeps you glued to the screen, night after night, harvesting your pixel garden or “Like”-ing silly videos. It seems harmless, but it’s really just a distraction away from more important things in life.

The TV keeps your mind entertained in a semi-conscious state that keeps you just alert enough to fall for the next marketing scheme that is projected to you, because without you (the faithful consumer), their business would crumble.

And let’s not forget all the local, state, and federal laws and rules that affect all of us. Each year, thousands more are invoked against our will, yet America is called “Land of the free”. The irony is so painful it should be outlawed.

You attend church, hoping to find absolution and end up with a dogmatic doctrine being beat into your head. Some people take this so seriously, they actually kill other people because “God told them to”.  Yeah, sure, a “loving god” would do that. Uh huh. And don’t forget the tithing you pay for this!

A leisure drive in your car ensures that you either submit to the rules of the road or you are fined for not doing so.

The seasons change and you follow suit by updating your clock setting when the government approved day arrives. You have no idea who invented this idea or why, but you follow along making the adjustment twice a year.

You find a suitable partner and have to submit to more laws that govern both of you. Some of those give you benefits, assuming of course your spouse-to-be is one of the state approved combinations.

As you age, your health insurance company tries to deny your current needs, claiming “pre-existing condition”.

And as your life finally ends, you may think you have control of your final outcome, but even here, in your last hours, there is someone telling you how you can and can not die.


Time for a change. Take the power back.


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1 Response to It’s all about “control”…

  1. geraldsspot says:

    A dear friend once told me, “A free man has the right to live his life as he sees fit, and to end it when he sees chooses”. A couple weeks later he did exactly that.
    Though I will never agree with his choice, I will never argue it was his to make.

    R.I.P. Bill Brown

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